Dean’s Radio – Bringing New Music And Ideas To awakening Consciousness

Welcome to Deans Radio. Playing conscious Music and interviews for the global awakening . walking the edge of conscious evolution as it unfolds.

The spirit of radio ( Dean’s Radio )  came together in late 2013 after a period of soul searching and looking for a new direction for its founder, Dean Scott. Dean has been in bands and also works as a dj and sound engineer at festivals.

“Hello My name is Dean. I got a wake up call to promote new music and ideas that are part of the global awakening taking place on Earth. I think there can be a Synergy of Music and ideas, shifting each other upwards on the spiral of understanding . I hope we can provide the platform for you to listen to new music and discuss forward thinking ideas. I love nothing better than hearing new music that puts a thrill down my spine. I get the same feeling from new ideas that give me that tingle ! It’s great to feel that inner resonance and upliftment as my spirit locks onto the feeling of knowingness. ”

I dont mind that it takes me 5 days to make a radio show, i love the process. I love being in the worlds biggest record store ( the web ) and listening to new music. I get excited at the discovery of sounds and lyrics. Its like discovering a new landscape, an emotional one. It is heart warming and beautiful to feel myself reflected in that musical landscape when i hear the sounds of beauty emanating from so many places in the world. Now i have my own place i can speak of the wonders i find and tell of the wonderful progression i see in the world. That Place is here at deans radio.

If you are a passing musician please take the time to email us with your music so we can consider it for inclusion in our Radio Programs.  Please click the links to her the show live on air or visit the archive for older shows to download. we are in testing mode and launch in Feb or March depending on studio relocation, please enjoy the uploaded mixes of past and present. I will post more as i make them, some with chat and some pure chat free mixing , Watch this  space. I Currently need a new Mic and various pieces of equipment like Mic stand . Amp, Another laptop for internet/skype while broadcasting, any donations gratefully received with love and my heartfelt joy

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If you can spare a dime or two we would greatly appreciate your help. We run entirely on donations. Please help us support new talent and bring you the latest ideas from the edge of evolving consciousness.

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